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After the abiility of paying with credit cards how useful would be to introduce e-Cart?


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Land Granting

The contribution is a type of transaction that is profitable for the landowner because it gives him twice the actual market value of land, while acquiring property and leaving the Atalla Group to shoulder all responsibilities for the completion and immediate delivery of the construction.


The percentage of square meters which corresponds to a landowner  is determined by the actual market value of the land (building rates, coverage, height, etc.).


A key role in this type of partnership is the reliability of our company to complete the agreed work and the quality of the materials we use. Good cooperation between the landowner and the Atalla Group , which the executives of our company guarantee ,is necessary and obvious to the completion of  the building .
If you are a landowner, ask us what can be built in your estate.


The Atalla Group is also interested in purchasing land for the construction of luxury buildings, fully respecting the environment and the people.

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