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Building projects


The Atalla Group covers a wide range of activities in the construction sector. The flexible and modern organization, experience and expertise of its staff, strict supervision and constant quality control in all phases of construction , resulting in the company to meet the needs and specificities of each project it undertakes.


The Atalla Group undertakes contracted projects with one of the following ways:

  • Construction project contracts: We construct any work to implement approved plans untill the delivery of the project.
  • Project Management: We continued the supervision, organization of work, compliance schedules and improve the outcome of technical advice and suggestions.
  • Project on-demand: We can manufacture your dream home on selected plots and according to your needs and requirements.


The procedure is as follows:

1. First contact by phone or email from our web site. Tell us your own suggestions on how you imagine your home. More specifically regarding the area, offices, balconies, roofs and morphology of the surrounding area.

2. Under these conditions we create an architecture proposal and we present it to you.

3. If the proposal is accepted then follows the issuance of building permit to the appropriate urban office. The cost of the license (study and tax) is calculated prior to adoption.

4. After completion, we suggest the materials used in construction.

5. Then a detailed budget for materials and a technical report containing all the details is presented.

6. Payment for the construction phase is gradual and follows the progress of work. (30% deposit on closing prices).
7. Then the construction of the building begins. The construction time and delivery of the building can be from 6 to 12 working months of the signing of the contract.

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